Riding thru Cancer


When yoga instructor Donna Mogilski was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer, she knew immediately what to do.  She grabbed her Pedego Electric Bike and decided to ride right thru it.  Doubling the amount of miles she rode every day (except for the day of and day after chemo). Pushing her body with some serious daily exercise while calming her anxiety and putting herself in a positive state of mind.  Chanting all along the way “remove all obstacles in my way”.  “It’s what saved my life,” says Donna. “My ebike saved my life. It was the catalyst for my recovery”. 

Hear the amazing story of one woman on two wheels who rode right thru her cancer, using a holistic approach of mind, body and spirit that’s allowed her to beat this deadly disease and be declared officially cancer free (one year later). Thanks to her taking a positive path.  Driven by her “never say die” determination and spirit.  With a big boost from her Pedego Electric Bike. That’s what we celebrate on today’s PEDEGO PODCAST.


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