Blazing new trails

After 30 years as a successful St. Louis Attorney, Tom Sauerwein was looking for an encore career.  Something that combined his passion for the outdoors with his desire to work with his wife Carla (a longtime Pediatric Nurse).  But what could fit that bill?  How about opening a Pedego Electric Bicycle store.  “What seemed like an improbable fit at first, quickly became the perfect solution for both of us”, beams Tom.  “For it combined my experience of helping clients with Carla’s many years in health care and helping others. All of which we continue to do every day. As a couple. For couples our age (and others)”.

What could be better?  Working outdoors. Helping customers get fit, get active and get out on the trail again. Like the famous pioneer trail that runs right behind their store.  “It sure feels like it was meant to be” adds Carla with a smile, as she lists all the happy coincidences that led towards this path, from getting on their first ebike to stumbling upon the perfect store.  Right on one of the largest “rails to trails” projects that have crisscrossed Missouri (and so many other states) with miles and miles of new bike paths.  Turning forgotten rail and pioneer trails into modern adventures. For this couple and all those they help ride along the way.  

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