How a journey begins with a family members diagnosis, to volunteer to Case Manager

Nikki was an oncology nurse practitioner for 15 years in the Chicago area.  Nikki relocated to Nevada and began volunteering with the Nevada Affiliate. Nikki’s journey with pancreatic cancer started when her brother-in-law was diagnosed in February 2014 and died in November that year. She made a promise to him that she would continue the fight and work on bettering the outcome for patients and for families.  She continued his fight by first volunteering with the Nevada Affiliate and later retiring from nursing to go on to her now position with PanCAN as a Case Manager with their Patient Services.  Nikki connects with newly diagnosed patients and their families, provides them with information and resources allowing them to make informed decisions.  Nikki provides great information on what Patient Services is and does and she leaves us with an important message. “Everyone needs to be their own advocate.  You have to push if you know something is different with your body, make sure you see your health care provider.  We’re your purple family that can help support you so please utilize us.”

This episode of Living Hope is dedicated to Patient Services and all the Case Managers. They play an important role in the patient and caregivers journey.


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