How far would you go to bring awareness to the world’s toughest cancer?

US Army Ranger Veteran and pancreatic cancer survivor Chris Calaprice traveled 43,000 miles – on a Victory motorcycle to bring awareness.  He formed “Road to a Cure,” and travel one mile for every person diagnosed with pancreatic cancer that year.  Chris shares he “got a little crazy,” in 2010, was anger and frustrated and wanted, needed to do something. Chris was on the road for 9 months, bringing awareness to the streets and small towns all the while doing chemo.  Chris and his partner are looking to start a PTSD equine therapy program and refocusing “Road to a Cure,” to help veterans and cancer patients with the challenges of survival, survivors guilt, physical trauma and other concerns.  Chris is very open and honest in sharing his feelings and personal journey with pancreatic cancer.  This episode of Living Hope is dedicated to all the men and women serving or who have served our country and those who are battling pancreatic cancer.


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