Is the Landing Page Dead? Prospect Engagement Best Practices


This episode will air at 11:30 am PST on 8/2/18…. but you can listen here now!

Read the full transcription of this episode on the Heinz Marketing blog starting Monday, 7/16/18.  


  • We discuss how the buying experience is broken and why the only way to fix it is to enable more conversations
  • Here’s an example of how this plays out:
    • It’s never been more important to make it easier for your customers to buy
    • This is because of “the Amazon effect” – customers are used to getting what they want on demand, with one click. Whether it’s a taxi, a meal, a piece of furniture, etc.
    • These buying expectations are carrying over to B2B purchases as well
    • But businesses have not adapted yet. Customers are still often forced through a maze of funnels and forms before they can talk to a sales rep
    • So what can YOU do about this?
    • You need to make it easier for your prospects to have a conversation with you – whether that’s through chat or on the phone
    • Because a sale doesn’t happen without a conversation
    • And whoever gets closest to the customer wins (Netflix vs Blockbuster)
    • Reps need to get closer to prospects, and do that quicker – and organizations need to have the right tools in place to enable that, while avoiding the noise of non-sales related conversations

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More from our guest:

Hey, I’m Dave Gerhardt

I’m VP of Marketing at Drift and I’ve spent the last 7 years learning at SaaS marketing companies in Boston, including HubSpot and Constant Contact.

During that time, I’ve launched products that have made it to the top of Product Hunt, created a top five business podcast on Apple Podcasts, landed multiple features in the New York Times, created a deck that Andy Raskin called “The Greatest Sales Pitch I’ve Seen All Year,” and helped create the category of Conversational Marketing.

I love building an audience and getting the right people to pay attention.


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