Marketing Operations Exposed! The good, bad & ugly with Mike Braund from Tableau Software


Mike will touch on:

  • Current focus: Cross channel orchestration is a focus for us (usermind, lytics)
  • Current focus: Marketing data story from impression to closed deals
  • Current focus: Refreshing our approach on predictive lead scoring with 6Sense
  • Product promotion and operational tips: We will talk about how Tableau uses a product day-to-day as a marketing operations team
  • Tips and advice: Learnings from the last year of building out center of excellence
    • Process, cross department accountability, how I’d prepare if I were starting today with the experience I now have
    • Thoughts on centralized approach vs decentralized
  • Marketing technology and teams like marketing operations teams have allowed marketing departments to transition from the perceived “cost center” to being able to paint an end to end story of all measurable engagements throughout the buyer’s journey and what sources those engagements.

More about our Guest:  Mike Braund Director, Marketing Operations at Tableau. I’ve worked at Tableau for six years. I’m newly engaged, and getting married out in Chelan this summer. I proposed on top of Table Mountain in Cape Town last September while visiting my Dad’s side of the family. I’m a huge Seahawks fan and golf addict (though I’m not good at golf yet).

If data visualization is new to you or you have interest in learning more about Tableau check out Also check out Tableau’s annual conference– a one of kind experience bringing together over 15,000 data enthusiasts worldwide every year.


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