When Corporate Arrogance Bulldozes Marketing’s Good Judgement



A little bit of success, can breed arrogance and poor judgment in many fast growing companies.  I worked for one  company president who said, “The website is all we need to find customers,  we don’t need mail, email, public relations or exhibits.  if they can’t find us on the web, we don’t want them as customers.”

Some  companies  decide it doesn’t want anyway to contact it except through the sales department. They show one phone number and  no corporate address.

This frustration start a year or so ago.  It surfaced this last week when I called a company to talk to someone I know as a customer.  Their phone system had changed.  No phone book, just sales or customer service as an option. 

I clicked sales.  I asked for the person and the salesperson said, “There is no way to connect to that department.  Leave your name and if she thinks its important enough she will call back.”

“You don’t understand,” I said, “You’re a client of ours, I know her.”  And he replied, “Like I said, leave your number and if she thinks it’s important enough she’ll call you back.”

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