Livio Internet Radio

As an Internet Radio Station, my antennae are always tuned to any information about this new medium.  Which is why I must have picked up on this entry in TIME magazine’s DETROIT BLOG about one of the latest ways the Motor City is trying to wipe off the rust and reinvent itself in the Information Age.  Turns out that LIVIO Internet Radios were invented there, by a new Detroit pioneer, Jake Sigel.  As the article states:

"To Sigal, Michigan is amazing with its business incubators, venture capitalists and overall desire to help the small business get a boost. He loves Ann Arbor SPARK, Oakland County’s Automation alley and Detroit’s TechTown. He loves the Michigan Small Business & Technology Development Center, which helped him develop his business plan. Or the small-business mentors at SCORE, which gave him tons of great advice.

Everybody around here wants more business start-ups. More original thinking and brain power. More job creation. The next Henry Ford-esque idea. Sigal is the kind of guy that personifies the next wave of entrepreneurship in Michigan – the stuff that will get us noticed in the right way (and not for eating raccoons, general public).

Some about Livio: Sigal’s company (he’s founder and COO) developed the Livio Radio to let users listen to Internet radio at home without being chained to a computer. The Livio machine also can hook up with Pandora and NPR through some special partnerships Sigal and staff have coordinated. Think of it as a Wi-Fi radio.

“I’m so passionate about music. The music I love isn’t available on AM or FM radio. I like this specific electronic music, and I can’t find that through mainstream sources. But on Internet radio there are something like 20 choices on this specific type of music.… Having that accessibility to that music is what makes Internet radio so great,” Sigal said.

Livio and its pals also can do “live and local.” So if I upped and moved to Germany, I can still listen to my beloved Roberta Jasina on WWJ-AM every morning, he promised. I just might have to get a little more tech savvy, methinks."

Me thinks i might tune in as well,  if for no other reason than to stay in touch with where I also grew up as it comes out with its latest slump with a new model for success: Internet Radio.

You can read the whole article at Time: The Detroit Blog.

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