Dialing Up SLMA Radio

It’s another opportunity for b-to-b sales execs to learn how to pump up the volume. The Sales Lead Management Association (SLMA) on Tuesday announced the launch of a weekly talk radio program focusing on sales lead management.


Radio commentator Will Crist will host the show, which kicks off  July 29 (5 p.m. PT) featuring an interview with Phil Fernandez, president-CEO of Marketo and Dan McDade, president-CEO and founder of PointClear. Listeners can access the program via the SLMA Web site. The SLMA Radio broadcast will also available through the OC Talk Radio Web site.

“This is not simply blog radio or a podcast; it’s the new live Web radio with all of the quality you expect from a professional radio program,” said James W. Obermayer, executive director of the SLMA, in a news release.

SLMA is accepting commercial advertisers for the Web radio program. There will be three 60-second spots per each 50-minute program. Rates are available on the SLMA Web site.

Courtesy of one of the top B to B blogs, Zoom Info.


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