Why I Host a Show

One of our new hosts, Michelle Patterson (OCSpotlight, Wednesdays from 3-4pm PST) has written about "why I’m hosting a show on OC Talk Radio" in her monthly column in the local Ladera Times.  Check it out!         

A new "OC Talk Radio" format has been launched on the Internet by Paul Roberts of Orange County that enables business people to have their own talk shows.

     As a result, my two companies – Event Complete and TouchPointe – are co-sponsoring an hour-long talk show called "OC Spotlight" from 3:00 to 4:00 pm every Wednesday.

     The program features events planned in and around Ladera Ranch and highlights the businesses, charities and organizations who bring those events to life.  Guests share and discuss a wide variety of topics ranging from their involvement at the event to how they are able to manage a busy schedule.  This past show focused on the  upcoming Taste of Ladera (at Founders Park, Saturday and Sunday, May 1 and 2). The show enables people to call in and add their thoughts to the discussion.

     To listen to the program, go to www.octalkradio.net and click the “ON AIR” button to listen live.

     The following are my Top Ten reasons to participate in OC Talk Radio:

     1. I have a weekly hour-long show from 3:00 to 4:00 pm each Wednesday with fascinating guests and interesting topics to discuss.  Check out the schedule on-line for upcoming guests as well as be a part of the audience as we go “on location” broadcasting live for special events.

     2. Ladera Times is going to launch "Open Mike" on April 7 to run either before or after my show on Wednesdays in which editor and publisher Jim Schmitt and other guest hosts will be interviewing movers and shakers in Ladera Ranch. Remember, you can call in and add you two cents to the debate.  

     3. Learn from others. Executive Forum Leaders Ric Franzi & Doug Gfeller host three shows a week on "Critical Mass," on which they feature OC business owners, executives, entrepreneurs and experts who share their ideas, insights and information. 

     4. Participate in an exciting new communication tool. OC Talk Radio is essentially a pod-cast but the idea of offering a full line-up of programming is a new concept that you can be part of creating.

     5. Be a guest. If you have something interesting to share with the community or an upcoming event you want to get the word out on call Event Complete at 949-218-0866 and we’ll schedule you to appear on an upcoming program.                   

6. Have your own show. If you have ideas about what would make a great talk show, discuss it with Paul Roberts, CEO of  West Coast Marketing and creator of OC Talk Radio. HIs phone number is (949) 888-9400.  Let him know you heard OC Talk Radio made it to the TouchPointe Top 10 list!

     7. Listen to and share re-runs. Every show is archived so you never have to miss one. And, if a topic is something you wish to share with others, direct them to www.octalkradio.com.   

     8. Keep abreast of OC news and events while working on your computer as the programming runs in the background.

     9. See yourself on video. Well, I’m a little premature on this, but OC Talk Radio creator Paul Roberts is planning on adding video streaming in the not too distant future.    

     10. Did I mention that I have an hour-long show on OC Talk Radio from 3:00 to 4:00 pm every Wednesday. Go to http://www.octalkradio.net and sign in to listen and participate.  

     (Michelle Patterson is the CEO of Event Complete and founder and managing partner of TouchPointe, both headquartered in Ladera Ranch. Event Complete produces many well known events within Southern California and is a full- service event management company, producing Taste of Ladera, The Giant Orange Festival, Muscle Car 1000, and many more signature events. You can reach Event Complete at 949-218-0866, or www.EventComplete.com.

     TouchPointe is a senior level consulting and recruiting firm, that provides support in IT, HR, finance and accounting for small and mid-sized companies. You can contact TouchPointe at www.touchpointe.com.

Michelle Patterson
949.892.8181 cell
ext 102



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