OUR COMMUNITY Meet Former Head of Disney Television


Meet David Neuman, former head of Disney Television.  And hear an amazing story of “a life well lived”, as he moves thru the top levels of Politics, Network TV, Network News, Television Production and now Movie Production.  Which all started when he landed a prized WHITE HOUSE FELLOWSHIP immediately after graduating UCLA (working in the Reagan White House).  Which opened the door to NBC’s Network Executive Training Program (where he rose thru the ranks of Comedy Development to work on iconic shows like Night Court and Maude). Which led to becoming the President of WALT DISNEY TELEVISION and TOUCHSTONE TV. And then a sudden swerve into Network News as Chief Programming Officer for CNN (where he recruited a young Anderson Cooper).  And later President of Programming for Al Gore’s new CURRENT TV.  Which all somehow led him to becoming a Film Producer for himself (his original childhood dream back in Iowa)..  Wow!  What a story from an amazing storyteller.  Brought to you by the Orange County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and Orange County’s only community radio station, OC TALK RADIO.


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