What General Contractors Really Think with Jeanine El Melki


What do homeowners need to know about working with general contractors — and why are they so expensive? 

To find out the answers to these questions, host Wendy Ross interviews Jeanine El Melki of JEM Remodel & Construction. Some long-time residents of Orange County, Calif., may remember the precursor to JEM, Alpha Remodel & Construction. 

After gaining vast experience for more than 10 years as a private building and remodeling contractor, Jeanine took the company under her own license and certifications in 2010. 

She has completed hundreds and hundreds of client projects, ranging from remodels to full extensions and constructions from the ground, some of which Wendy and Jeanine discuss during this episode. 

To learn more about Jeanine and JEM Remodel & Construction, visit jemremodel.com.


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