Tax-Saving Strategies for Real Estate Investors with Thanh Cambaliza

How can real estate investors reap the biggest returns?

We all know that investing in real estate can produce passive income and a stable cash flow while giving investors leverage. But even with such opportunities, investors must be savvy about taxes, or they could lose out on some benefits. 

Host Wendy Ross turns to Thanh Cambaliza to explore some of the most important tax-saving strategies.

Thanh is a CPA and partner at Cambaliza McGee LLP. Born in Vietnam, Thanh immigrated to the United States at 20 and embraced learning about life and business. Since 2006, Thanh has been in the practice of public accounting, working with private and public companies, as well as small business owners and executives in major corporations.

This diverse type of work stimulates Thanh’s entrepreneurial and creative mind and she especially likes providing complex business and tax strategies to help her clients become more profitable.

Just as she is in all areas of her life, Thanh is extremely passionate about seeing her clients’ businesses thrive as if they were actually her own business.

Learn more about Thanh at


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