Entrepreneur Roundtable



On this roundtable discussion episode of Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way, host Will Crist sat down with a panel of guests, from entrepreneurs to college students, to discuss important topics in the world of entrepreneurship. Varying from a few months to a few years, these guests used their personal experiences to discuss important topics such as delegation, conflicts, the future of entrepreneurship, and much more. 


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Show Notes:

(1:38) Introductions

(15:51) The Importance of Delegating

(29:11) Why Do Conflicts Arise?

(32:48) Everyone Has to Be on the Same Page

(38:53) Questions From the Students



Will Crist

Bob Doustdar

Farshid Mahdavipour

Slava Khristich

James Cliame




“…This grip that the business has on the leadership can often be the largest obstacle to growth.” Will Crist, (16:17)


“As soon as I start delegating, actually business at that point started to pick up” Slava Khristich, (20:40)


“I try to figure out the ‘why’ of all my customers, what’s driving them, and then try to figure out the best goals for them to reach their ‘why.’” James Cliame, (26:22)


“You don’t create a position for people, you create positions, then fill up with the people.” Slava Khristich, (34:08)

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