Building Community with EOS



On this episode of Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way, host Will Crist talked with Nathen Fox, a certified EOS implementer. Before hearing about the EOS Life, Nathen was a fractional executive who worked with anywhere from three to five companies at a time. He worked 60-hour weeks and was not being compensated correctly for the amount of work he was doing. Although he liked his job, Nathen realized something had to change and he soon began to embrace the EOS Life and help others do the same. Throughout the episode, Will and Nathen discussed how EOS has affected Nathen, his clients, and the people around them.


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(0:53) Introducing Nathen Fox 

(1:14) How EOS Life Affects Nathen as an Implementer

(8:46) EOS Life and Clients

(18:49) Helping and Encouraging the EOS Life

(21:28) What’s in It for Me?

(38:11) Closing Thoughts



Will Crist


Nathen Fox



“…Do things that…fill your energy, bring you energy, bring you joy. And you know, when you’re done, you should have more energy. And that’s how I feel.” Nathen Fox, (4:09)


“My challenge is making time for other passions…We just had our quarterly meeting today with our team. And that was on the issues list is me protecting my time and making time for other passions. So we’re making that happen.” Nathen Fox, (6:33)


“[The visionaries are] working on delegating the things that they like to do and are good at, so they can spend a hundred percent of their time in the box of things they love to do and are great at.” Nathen Fox, (9:44)


“We really were brought up to work hard and that’ll take care of everything, but, that’s not the case. They really got to learn to not work as hard.” Nathen Fox, (14:55)

“I just believe in implementing EOS purely and making sure that companies stick to it and create that result quarter after quarter.” Nathen Fox, (39:15)

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