Fixing the Root Cause of Business Problems



On this episode of Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way, host Will Crist sits down with Wendy O’Donovan Phillips, Founder and CEO of Big Buzz Inc. Wendy founded the marketing agency 15 years ago as a one-woman team, and she’s grown her business substantially in the time since. Today, she and her team are working on plans to franchise the agency, and they will have ten franchised locations by 2032. Throughout the episode, Will and Wendy discuss Big Buzz’s big plans, trusting your team, and several other core principles of EOS. 


(0:59) Introducing Wendy O’Donovan Phillips and Big Buzz

(4:15) Integrating EOS into Your Business Plan

(9:35) Challenging Your Business and Taking Risks

(16:39) Making Long-term Goals Attainable

(19:31) Trusting Your Team

(28:09) Big Buzz’s 10-Year Plan

(32:15) EOS Impacts EVERYONE in Your Business

(43:12) Employees Want to Work for EOS Implemented Businesses

(45:14) Closing Thoughts


Will Crist


Wendy O’Donovan Phillips

Big Buzz Inc.  


I find that the best working relationships, whether it’s with a team member or a client—any professional relationship—the best ones are where we’re open and willing and honest and vulnerable.” (7:55) – Wendy O’Donovan Phillips


I think one of the most helpful things to me throughout [implementing EOS is] I now see so much more clearly what terrific ideas there are on the team that aren’t my ideas.” (19:31) – Wendy O’Donovan Phillips


What I have learned is that the more infrastructure, the more of the right people, the more revenue and profit that we gain, the more fun it is, the more financially free we all are, and the more opportunity there is for everyone. And so my vision for this is to create a ripple effect.” (39:24) – Wendy O’Donovan Phillips

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