Entrepreneurship IS All Fun & Games!




On this episode of Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way, host Will Crist sits down with Josh Abbott, General Manager of Fun Productions. Josh’s parents founded Fun Productions nearly 30 years ago and grew it into the successful business it is today. Almost five years ago, Fun Productions implemented EOS and quickly experienced many of the benefits that come with the EOS Life. Throughout the episode, Will and Josh discuss the EOS Life, having fun at work, and much more!


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(0:28) Introducing Josh Abbott and Fun Productions

(3:48) How EOS Affected the Business

(9:43) The EOS Life

(12:58) The Great Contribution

(16:27) Compensating Appropriately

(20:50) Supporting Employees’ Passions

(25:24) Making Your Business Attractive to Talent

(31:59) EOS Predictions

(35:39) Getting Permission to Have Fun with Your Company

(42:42) Closing Thoughts


Will Crist


Josh Abbott

Fun Productions  


We were able to start working on the business and not just in the business, whereas I think pre-EOS we were very reactionary.” (6:07) – Josh Abbott


For a very long time, [we waited] for people to ask for raises, and if they asked for a raise [we would] assess and give them a raise. But what we found was there were folks out there who are not going to ask for a raise, and they may start to feel resentment around the fact that they haven’t been offered a raise.” (16:42) – Josh Abbott


We put out ads for one [open position]—we were just looking for one person last year. And I think we ended up turning [the ad off] after we got 35 applications in four days.” (29:24) – Josh Abbott

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