Leading Your Team to Success Instead of Burnout




On this episode of Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way, host Will Crist sits down with Derek Gerber, Senior Vice President of Explainify. Over the last year, Derek has been implementing the EOS system at Explainify, and the results have been nothing short of impressive. Their discussion covers the changing video landscape, the EOS Life, and how EOS has affected Explainify.


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(0:37) Introducing Derek Gerber and Explainify

(3:38) How Video Has Changed during the Pandemic

(11:19) The EOS Life and Explainify

(18:01) How Explanify Is Making the World a Better Place

(21:04) Appropriate Compensation

(22:23) Derek’s Other Passions

(24:12) Implementing EOS at Explainify

(30:00) Value, Compensation, and Viewing Employees as Human Beings

(43:10) Closing Thoughts


Will Crist


Derek Gerber



After implementing EOS over the past year, we continue to grow. It has onboarded our team members in a much more effective way, and then it also shows them that burnout is not a celebrated, award-winning opportunity here. We don’t do that. We work to openly communicate and create transparency and trust across each department.” (17:18) – Derek Gerber

A year ago, when we were growing quickly at a state of point, we put out a couple of job applications. We had four applicants over six weeks—at a time where we needed to hire people very quickly. Now, [after implementing EOS] we had 600 applications in four days, and we had to shut it down.” (41:40) – Derek Gerber

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