Managing marketing through rapid growth with Elissa Fink, CMO, Tableau Software


A shorter episode this time (due to some technical issues) but a good one!  Read the full transcript on the Heinz Marketing Blog starting Mon. 5/14/18 

We talk about the importance of:

  • Hiring the right people and enabling them
  • Staying focussed on the mission
  • Respecting the past, respecting the future
  • Continoius measurable improvement
  • Chasing things that excite you and get you up in the morning

More about Elissa @elissafink

Driven by data. Leading by example. Building authentic brands and communities. And most importantly, creating customers for life. Having joined Tableau Software in 2007, Elissa Fink has served as CMO through its rise from start-up to a billion dollar enterprise. Tableau is now widely recognized as the leader in data analytics, one of the hottest technology sectors. Prior to Tableau, Elissa was EVP Marketing at IXI Corporation, a firm specializing in marketing technology and now owned by Equifax. She has also served in marketing, product management and product engineering executive positions at Tele Atlas, a multi-national map data company now owned by Tom-Tom, TopTier Software (now SAP), and Claritas (now Nielsen). She began her career selling advertising for the Wall Street Journal. Elissa holds a BA from Santa Clara University and a MBA in Marketing and Decision Systems from the University of Southern California.


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