Data Intelligence 101: The Key to Faster Growth & More Efficient Marketing


Listen in for another great episode, this time with Raviv Turner, CEO at CaliberMind.  In addition to being the Co-Founder & CEO of CaliberMind, Raviv is also an angel investor and mentor at Techstars and a regular speaker at marketing & AI events.

We’re talking about how he sees a disconnect between Demand (buyers) & Ops (users) of data & analytics platform.  For a full transcript, go to the Heinz Marketing blog starting 4/30/18.  

Some highlights:

  • Your data strategy is your B2B growth strategy (quick overview of the paper)
  • Without a clear and concise data-driven marketing strategy, B2B marketers lack the ability to effectively acquire, organize, analyze and translate customer information into actionable insights. But what does an effective B2B data-driven marketing strategy look like?
  • Understanding what needs to be accomplished is the first step in developing an effective data-driven marketing strategy. For B2B data-driven marketers, a top priority is basing more decisions on data analysis.
  • Most Critical Challenges? Integrating data across platforms and enriching data quality and completeness are the most critical challenges to achieving data-driven marketing success 
  • Marketing data is a marketing problem! Not devs, not IT – 100% marketing
  • But data is hard, data is not sexy – so marketing is pushing it out – over 90% of B2B marketers outsourcing all or part of data tasks (Ascend2)
  • But high performing marketers are doing the opposite, they license data and analytics tools and train their team to bring data capabilities in house
  • Most of the reasons why marketing can’t prove value and impact are data related, yet we prefer to outsource this – lead qualification, ICP score, account scoring, lead routing are all data problems before they are marketing problems.
  • To be successful with ABM you need – Data, Account Planning, Content, Execution and Measurement – yes ABM is a data challenge not a media challenge..
  • No wonder that marketing and sales ops are spending more than 80% of their time in spreadsheet hell on marketing data wrangling, exporting/ importing, vlookups in Excel what not
  • There is a disconnect between the C/VPs and Ops inside the marketing org – Demand looks at pipeline sourced/ influenced/ ops created – but Ops don’t give a hoot about it, they care about operational efficiency, workflow automation, the data integrity – they want to get out of spreadsheet, but guess what? – most ops don’t have the budget to solve this problem, the biggest budget is demand and that budget mostly goes to programs not to data and analytics – but guess what? Without data and analytics you can’t measure programs, you can’t multi-touch attribution, you can’t track engagement and orchestrate demand between that’s changing, according to Gartner for the first time in 2018 analytics is the biggest spend in Marketing, more than social, more than content – why? Because without data and analytic we are going to see marketers continue to lose their jobs and go home

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