Advertising On Internet Talk Radio

Recently ran across this blog about RADIO ADVERTISING and discovered this shocking statement:
Advertising on the internet talk radio is similar to advertising on the old-age radio, except that its more powerful. A recent arbitration report states that over fifty percent of internet users consume streaming media and in the last three years, the number of Americans using internet radio has almost quadrupled. Moreover, Americans now seem to spend less time with television and print due to their time spent on the internet. Almost fifty six percent of the internet radio users have rated the media as new and fresh. All these definitely make internet radio the talk of the next generation advertising medium.

These factors help the advertisers with more precise targeting opportunities and get exact numbers of impressions delivered. Advertising on internet radio is multi-faceted. There are scopes to combine audio ads with synchronized banners and buttons to maximize visibility and retain attention. It is also more actionable as the listeners pay attention and the business site is just a click away. All these functionalities, together as a package, cannot be found in any other advertising media.

Catering to the tech-savvy, educated, affluent professionals from their 20s to 50s with large disposable income who are comfortable spending online, the internet talk radio is fast becoming a very powerful advertising media.

This article is written by Ronn Jones, a marketing expert with years of experience in branding and internet marketing. Check out more information on internet radio.


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