California’s Luxury Design Trends with Joseph Aldrich

What do California style-casters forecast as 2023 interior design trends?

There’s a reason that the world looks to California for setting trends, especially in interior design. To learn what trends will top 2023, host Wendy Ross interviewed Joseph Aldrich, principal at The Cypress Group, about luxury trends and interior design. 

Friends, he is the real deal. 

Perhaps it’s his height—standing well above 6 feet tall—that affords Joseph N. Aldrich the ability to see what’s on the horizon. Or maybe it’s that the toniest industry leaders have favorited his personal mobile number on their ubiquitous iPhones to expedite late-night conversations that lead to marketing and public relations breakthroughs. 

Or, more likely, it’s because Joseph is a seer in a seersucker suit — or a hound in a houndstooth blazer, depending on the season — identifying design trends before they happen and working tirelessly to ensure California’s most elite consumers and buyers come to covet them. (You know you will.)



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