Pancreatic Cancer diagnosis – Not the best way to start your birthday.

Tom, away from home, gets a call on his 65 birthday from his Dr, not wishing him a happy birthday but instead telling him she needed to see you as soon as possible.

Tom, very active and an enthusiast bike rider is diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer.  Tom was not a candidate for surgery but went on a clinical trial.  Treatment went on for 15 months after which Tom received good news – he was “NED” – no evidence of disease.  Tom started an oral chemo and continues to take it today.  We talk about the importance of clinical trials, how he has been able to return to a “normal” way of life, he continues to ride his bike, play golf and enjoy life.  Tom continued to be as active as possible during treatment and found this was a way to help him through his treatment and the anxiety that goes along with treatment.  Tom shares his inspiration journey and how he continues to help others through their treatment and journey by hosting a support group through Zoom, every Friday 9am -10:30am PT – to join this support group or for more information regarding group please email Tom at

“As long as you speak my name, I shall live forever.”  This episode of Living Hope is dedicated to Susan Stueber.  When the pandemic hit Susan wanted to provide a weekly support group to help patients/survivors and caregivers.  She formed a group through Zoom and asked Tom to help her co-host the group which Tom has continued to do since Susan’s death on September 29, 2022 her 70th birthday.

“As long as you speak my name, I shall live forever,” is dedicated to Susan Stueber who in response to the pandemic wanted to offer a safe place for other pancreatic cancer patients/survivors and their Caregivers to turn.  To join the Friday morning support group please reach out to Tom at


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