Ron and Agi made a promise together to find a cure, Agi still continues the fight 25 years after Ron’s death.

Reflecting back over 25 years with Hirshberg Founder Agi Hirshberg and her daughter Lisa Manheim, Executive Director.  Hirshberg Foundation got its start more than 25 years ago when Ron Hirshberg was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  Ron and Agi decided they were going to beat this disease together and live a long life, sadly six months later Ron died.  They had made a promise together to find a cure, it was only natural that Agi would continue after Ron’s death.  We chat about how Hirshberg started with only two doctors, the importance of the “Five Pillars,” the labs Hirshberg has funded, how five universities in the UC system collaborate together.

“As long as you speak my name I shall live forever” is dedicated to Ron Hirshbert



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