How a man goes from being healthy, to a diabetic with an inoperable pancreatic cancer tumor to being stable.

Ken Parme, a husband, father, grandfather a man with many talents when asked how he wants to be remembered he replied very simply “as a kind man.” Ken is a very kind, friendly, talented man who I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for a number of years.  It wasn’t until he shared his journey with us that I realized how much we had in common in regards to our diagnosis.  In December 2012 Ken was diagnosed with an inoperable tumor.  The tumor was wrapped around his veins, and lying against his aorta.

Ken took good care of himself, ate right and was active. He was a power walker and one day on a walk with his wife Rebecca, he couldn’t keep up with her. Rebecca insisted he go see his doctor. Tests were done and Ken was told he was a diabetic and started on insulin immediately. After starting insulin, Ken still felt lousy, so his wife made an appointment with an endocrinologist. Ken, shares his journey starting with his diagnosis of an inoperable pancreatic cancer tumor, his treatment with chemotherapy, the use of the new Cyber-Knife, his eight years “stable status” and a book he and his wife wrote together. Ken and Rebecca Parme wrote a book “In The Gaze of The Divine, Life with Pancreatic Cancer.” from the patient/survivor and caregiver point of view. Available on Amazon.  Ken has also written a children’s book available on Amazon “The Adventures of Madde Mckinsey

This episode of Living Hope is dedicated to Ken’s wonderful, wife and Caregiver, Rebecca. We want to leave you with a quote from their book, “May we all get to the place where we can accept -let go- and focus on the blessing of the day.”


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