Bringing Mexico City Flavor to Orange County with Chef Ivan Calderón

What defines a tastemaker?

As founder and chef of Orange County-based Taco Rosa, Taco Mesa, and Taco Mesa—Tortillería Orgánica & Café, Ivan Calderón has been setting a standard for Mexico City Cuisine for nearly three decades. His name has become synonymous with authenticity, sustainability and quality – all of which are reflected in the brand’s integrity, from the ingredients he sources to the tradition he highlights throughout his menu and restaurants.

Chef Calderón’s approach to healthy, authentic and sustainable Mexican cuisine goes beyond the trendy words. His commitment to serving only locally sourced GMO-free corn involves a nixtamalization process that dates back as early as 1200 BC in the now-southern Mexico region. The process takes hours, but for Chef Calderón, a worthwhile one, since it removes nearly all aflatoxins from corn.

In this episode, Wendy explores how this OC tastemaker built his restaurant empire and gives listeners tips on how to adapt his vision into your own home. 


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