A young woman experiences the role of Caregiver in two different ways.


Stephannie helped take care of her grandmother, she wasn’t her Caregiver in the traditional sense.  When asked to describe her grandmother Stephannie lovingly replied “tomboy and lace.” Stephannie visited her grandmother everyday after she got home from work.  While others took care of her physical needs, Stephannie, which is just as important, took care of her emotional needs. Whether it was reading her stories, telling jokes, or modeling, Stephannie and her grandmother shared a very special time.

Stephannie, not yet over the loss of her beloved grandmother, finds herself dealing once again with a loved ones diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.  This time it is her mother-in-law, a woman she loves and respects.  Obviously, this woman feels the same way, she asks Stephannie to be her Caregiver.  Stephannie felt honored and she and her family moved to be closer to her mother-in-law.  Stephannie assumed the full responsibility of being her Caregiver, sometimes upsetting other family members.  Watch/listen as Stephannie shares her experience as a Caregiver in different capacities. @OC Talk Radio Orange County’s only community radio station streaming live from @UCI Beall Applied Innovation at the Cove.

“As long as you speak my name I shall live forever.”

This episode of Living Hope is dedicated to

Viola Galvan and Trang Huyng




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