One for Dad

Hear this heartening tale of Rich Bastian, the Pedego dealer from Cape May, NJ who bought his first bike and took it to his dad for his opinion. A once big bike rider, Rich’s father had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and (needless to say) hadn’t ridden a bike in some time. But up comes his son with a new Pedego wondering what his father thinks about his idea of selling these new products..  To which his dad says, “Let me try it and I’ll tell you”. “Ten minutes later, he’s still not back,” recalls Rich. “Making me immediately worry something bad had happened”.  But up rides his dad with a big grin on his face. “Go for it!”  And so he did, opening several stores in the process. All dedicated to his dad, who rode that original eBike everyday throughout the last summer of his life. On this repeat episode of the PEDEGO PODCAST. All about the entrepreneurs driving this EBike Revolution. And the love stories of all those riding along…


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