Make Your Bedroom Your Favorite Room Again with Tiffany Yelverton

Is your home a pleasure center?

No doubt, we live in a hot real estate market. Tiffany Yelverton wants to make sure your bedroom is just as exciting. 

Tiffany is the founder and Chief Sexinista of Entice Me Soirees and Sexy Survivors, based in Long Beach, California. She is known as The Sex Toys Scientist and Orgasm Guru to many in the medical field. 

Her mission is to facilitate provocative conversations about sex, self-love, confidence, and relationships to close the pleasure gap. Tiffany educates and entices people to have more pleasurable, fulfilling and healthy sex lives. As a master sex coach, she facilitates workshops, luxury retreats, private Sexy Soirées and consultations. 

Tiffany has helped men and women connect with themselves, at their sexual core, to feel sexier in and out of the bedroom. Learn more at Entice Me and Sexy Survivors.


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