Environmental Stewardship Starts at Home with Marcus Brener


What can homeowners do to help protect their corner of the world?

For most of us, our day-to-day decisions affect our immediate environment, but Marcus Brener has made a career out of making physical spaces better. 

Marcus is ​​the director of Renewable & Energy Efficiency Services at Energy Experts International and has a fascinating career spanning two countries. He was born and raised in Calgary, Canada, where he started his professional career in the oil and gas industry — but then love called.

He says he was fortunate to work in many areas of the industry in Canada – until he chose to move to California for love! He is a devoted husband and father to two remarkable young women. These women also impacted his career trajectory. 

At the end of 2007, he broke away from the oil and gas world. After a lot of reflection, he said he decided that it was important to make a difference by making the planet better for his little daughters.

By 2009, he gained some great education in the renewable and energy efficiency world and started a consulting business. In 2014, Marcus approached the president of Energy Experts International with an idea. He’s been there ever since. 

Marcus shares with Wendy his ideas on how homeowners can save on energy costs, ways to achieve energy efficiency and what to expect when you purchase an electric vehicle. 

For more on Marcus’ work, go to Energy Experts International


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