Creating a Home Gym with Hannes Sheen

If health is the first wealth, then how can our homes support our wellness?

During the pandemic lockdown, fitness moved from crowded gyms to spare bedrooms — and experts say we may never go back. 

But what happens when homes are suddenly called to serve multiple purposes, as we’ve experienced since March 2020? We adapt, of course. 

Few people have had to adapt more than inventor and natural bodybuilding champion Hannes Sheen

This renaissance man not only invented leather technologies, a type of adaptation born of innovation, he’s also had to adapt to life-threatening illness, including two emergency brain surgeries, rebuilding his mind and body one dedicated decision at a time. 

During this interview with Wendy, Hannes lends practical and inspiration information about physical fitness and how to build a home gym, regardless of the space available. 




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