Still going strong at 73

Meet Philip Prinzi, a Vietnam Vet and 32 year veteran of ExxonMobil Chemical, who’s still going strong at 73 as a volunteer photographer, videographer, and drone pilot for Lee County Parks and Recreation and Emergency Management Departments in his adopted home of Fort Meyers, Florida. Becoming a big civic booster in the process and ongoing documenter of the community.  Courtesy of his Pedego Electric Bike and the action camera he’s attached (plus the trailer he tows behind for all his  equipment).   

Bringing his bike and gear to a variety of events (like an upcoming Pedego Pallooza).  And racking up 10,000  miles in the process on his newest eBike (a Pedego Interceptor). To go with the 2 million air miles he already accumulated as a long time executive in the plastics industry. 

It’s another ongoing adventure. With an added dose of service and pride.  On this week’s PEDEGO PEDEGO podcast. 


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