The Road LessTraveled

For many years, Kat Woirol had a great job with General Electric in Human Relations. “It was a great ride,” she admits. “But after 25 years I was definitely looking for a different path to follow”  All she knew was that in her next act, she wanted to work for herself.  And was determined to quit commuting thru Atlanta’s notorious traffic jams. 

She dreamed of riding a bike to work.  So why not own an electric bike shop, in Atlanta itself? And that’s what led her to Pedego. “We found a spot inside the beltline,” she smiles. “In the heart of the city”.  Right next to one of the many “rails to trails” projects that are moving people off the highways and onto the forgotten byways.  Allowing her to slow down a bit and build a business that spoke to her heart. While still allowing her the freedom to ride home and be there when her 8 year old kid’s school bus arrives.  Becoming a trailblazer (and an eBike entrepreneur) along the way. With everything she ever dreamed of (and more).  All of which she gleefully shares on this week’s PEDEGO PODCAST.


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