Feel Like a Kid Again


We all remember the feeling of “taking flight” in our first bike and the magical powers it seemed to give us.  With the wind in our hair and steamers flying, we felt invincible, as we set off on our own personal quest to discover the world. Just like JOHNNY QUEST (a 60s cartoon filled with lots of danger and adventure). 

Hear how one aging baby boomer (Jack Hemingway from Tucson) has re-found his youth and recaptured that feeling on his Pedego Electric Bike, choosing a smaller BMX style bike called the Element that allows him to nimbly go anywhere, anytime. Bringing out the kid in him again as he puts on his gear (every day, rain or shine) to become the “Nightrider”, riding in that twilight zone between day and night.  Where all things are possible. On his own personal quest to see the world from a youthful point of view. On this week’s PEDEGO podcast.


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