Running 2 Businesses at Once

Who says you can’t successfully run two businesses at once? Not today’s guest, Jordan Clark.  A hard charging corporate executive who found himself out on the road (as always). But stranded in his hotel down by the beach with an afternoon to kill. 

He spots a Pedego Electric Bike in his hotel lobby and on a whim decides to rent one and try riding a bit (not easy with his then 330 pound frame). And eureka!  He gets his own eBike epiphany and decides to buy a few for fun. Only to end up buying the whole store in Summerlin, NV and two more in Henderson and Lake Las Vegas. After dropping 80 pounds along the way from his new found passion for riding.

All while continuing to run his own corporate meeting business from his base in Las Vegas. 

Showing once again what can happen when people simply say “Hello Fun” and start pedaling along on a Pedego. And follow the path driving more and more entrepreneurs and enthusiasts to the eBike Revolution.  


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