Birding and Biking

Many years ago, our guest suffered a debilitating car injury, severing his sciatica leading to long lasting pain and loss of function in his left leg. Since then, he’s refused to give up, logging long bike rides for both physical and mental well being. And when that became too physically hard, he found a whole new way to pursue his passions of “birding and biking” when he walked into a Pedego Electric bike store in Wheaton, Illinois (50 miles from his home) and rode out with his new ebike. 

Logging in over 5000 miles in his first six months as he follows his heart and goes where few bird watchers can manage on long trips thru long forgotten trails from Green Bay to the Mississippi.  Like Johnny Appleseed, sowing smiles along the way and seeing what most others miss.

Listen as he recounts his routes and share in his indominable spirit and determination to always see what’s over the next horizon. And go where the wild geese go. Here on the Pedego Podcast and EBike Revolution…


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