Living Hope-Sister does the unimaginable to support her sister.

Kelly Barber and her sister Wendi Cihacek share their journey with pancreatic cancer. Kelly talks honestly and emotionally about losing her husband, George, in 2006 to Pancreatic Cancer. Wendi did the unimaginable and moved across the state to support her sister and help with her niece, Megan, who was 2 at the time. Kelly took her pain and grief and turned it into something positive. She became involved with her local PanCAN affiliate, attending meetings, raising awareness and funds and sharing her journey with Members of Congress. Not surprisingly Wendi stepped in and supported her at every turn. Kelly shares, “When we first got started, it was just for George. Today, it’s still for George, but it’s also for all the people we’ve met who are alive and fighting.”  Only on Orange County’s only Community Radio Station, livestreams from UCI Beall Applied Innovation Center @TheCove #PancreaticCancer #DemandBetter 


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