Living Hope-How does a day go from thinking you were going to decorate your home for Christmas to being admitted to the hospital?

Dawnie Campbell, a Wife, mother, animal lover and a 2+ year pancreatic cancer survivor, shares her journey on how she went from being a energizer bunny to being exhausted.  While on a business trip Dawnie experienced pain in her side and went to urgent care.  Thinking it was a kidney stone, or infection she was give antibiotics.  After returning home the pain continues, Dawnie decided to see her Dr and was immediately sent to the ER.  Dawnie calls her husband, Scott letting him know she was going for tests and when she returns home they can decorate the house for Christmas.  She walked over to ER thinking they’ll run some tests, give her some medicine and she’ll go home and be fine, but no that was not to be, she was admitted immediately.

What was the best advice Dawnie received during her journey?  What did she do when uncomfortable with her treatment option? Find out the answers to these questions and more on OC Talk Radio Orange County’s only Community Radio Station livestreaming from  from UCI Beall Applied Innovation at the Cove Thursdays at 11:00am PDT 

If you or anyone you know need help with their journey, please contact the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network’s Patient Services at or call 877-2-PANCAN.  If you’d like to share your story or have story ideas, please contact Roberta Luna at 

Pancreatic Cancer Action Network 

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