The Five Most Important Things Cyndi Greenglass has Learned in Business and Life


This interview is part of an on-going series to hear from successful people about what they have learned in business and life. Cyndi Greenglass, a business founder and marketing expert shares with us the 5 Most Important Things She has Learned:

  1. There is a fallacy in the term “Work-Life Balance”
  2. There is a graveyard of high performances
  3. Why we have to be kind and humble
  4. Be (not) afraid
  5. And parting advice from her Aunt, “You cannot be happy if you’re not grateful.”

This is an interesting personal reflection about her trip through life and work.

About Cyndi Greenglass

Cyndi W. Greenglass is a founding partner and Senior Vice President Strategic Solutions at Diamond Communication Solutions, a data driven communications firm specializing in Healthcare, Financial Services and direct response solutions. Cyndi is a member of the Executive Management team at Diamond Marketing Solutions where she is responsible for the strategic planning process, participates in strategic acquisitions, and manages the agency services division.

Cyndi has twice been named into the Top 100 Influential BTB Marketers by Crain’s BtoB Magazine, and was the 2012 CADM Chicago Direct Marketer of the Year. In 2016  and 2018 Cyndi was named one of 20 Women to Watch in Sales Lead Management and one of the 10 Most Fascinating People in Business to Business Marketing.  She lectures on data and digital marketing nationally, is highly sought after to speak at major industry conferences.  She is also a host and commentator on the WVU Marketing Communications Today program, a live radio program with podcast replays sponsored by West Virginia University.

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