When is the best time to sell your home?

After we take our usual quick look at the real estate market and the macro trends affecting it (like lower job reports and worries out of China), our hosts Hamid and Fay Hamidanchy explore when the best times to sell your home nationwide and here in Orange County.  And the results may surprise you.  They also end this week’s installment of this week’s OC HOUSING CONNECTION with a quick review of “alternative ways to establish credit”, particularly for those aging baby boomer (like me) who’ve paid off their houses and/or ripped up their credit cards and restrained themselves from buying anything big…leaving them with suddenly little or no credit history in this last chapter of their life.  Learn why too much frugalness may work against you and how to work around it if you still want to buy another home someday on credit (and invest the cash from your existing home for needed cash flow after you retire).  Fascinating ideas from Orange County’s only community radio station, www.OCTalkRadio.net.


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