Mindy Rickles Talks2Cathy

What’s it like when you’re father’s a comedy icon, like Don Rickles? Or you fondest memories from youth are playing in front of the Sahara hotel in Vegas?  Welcome to the world of Mindy Rickles, who talks to our host Cathy Katz about all that and more on this week’s edition of our relationship show TALK TO CATHY.  Hear what it was like going to school with the kids of other famous stars, like Carol Burnett’s children and others.  And how she resisted the siren song of comedy touring until a chance meeting with comedian Jeff Garlin (from Larry David’s CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM and elsewhere) gave this stay at home mom the confidence and opportunity to get up on stage herself.  How does she balance home and work and the pressures of following in her father’s big footsteps? Find out on this week’s edition of Talk to Cathy, only on Orange County’s only community radio station, http://www.OCTalkRadio.net.


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