The Real Story Behind Hillary’s Email Server

Charles Weaver, CEO of the MSP ALLIANCE (the trade group for over 25,000 “managed service providers” who help clients like Hillary Clinton move their email, websites and data to servers “in the cloud”) joined myself and host Aaron Mangal on our weekly show THE CLOUD to try and clear up the issues involved in Hillary’s ongoing “email server scandal” and what this means for the industry as a whole.

What are the rules for public officials wishing to set up private email accounts and/or servers for their personal email?  And are the MSPs who provide these services bound by a different set of rules when they set up a private server for a public official, particularly when it involves potentially classified or sensitive correspondence?

Listen as we try and untangle this mess and all the issues it raises for good governance and best practices for MSPs going forward, only on THE CLOUD, every Thursday at noon PST….brought to you by Network Remedy.


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