Community-content opportunities: Local knowledge

Some stimulating ideas from a few years ago on how newspapers can profit from a return to “local content” and the new type of local content that can attract an audience and generate profits including ‘hyperlocal talk’…exactly what we’re doing at http://www.OCTalkRadio.ent

The Buttry Diary

This is the fifth and final part of the community content section of the Blueprint for the Complete Community Connection.

An important aspect of the Complete Community Connection will be to develop the place where people of our communities and perhaps across Iowa turn for answers to their questions about this state and its communities: databases, community resources, services, history, unique aspects of local life (attractions, institutions and events) and a user-generated encyclopedia of local knowledge.


I have detailed the possibilities for databases in a separate report for Newspaper Next: Be the Answer: Using interactive databases to provide answers and generate revenue. We will develop databases to provide content throughout our digital products as well as to provide information we would use in print and broadcast. Interactive databases would be the cornerstone of the a massive answer center we would develop where people in the community could seek…

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